Kasey Warnecke

2020 year 1 teacher

Kasey has taught for 7 year at 2 different schools across 3 classrooms. She has taught from foundation to year 2. It is estimated that Kasey has taught approximately 210 students in this time.

Woodcroft Primary School

Kasey has been at Woodcroft Primary School for 5 years.

What Kasey would be if she wasn’t a teacher

If Kasey wasn’t a teacher she would be a veterinarian nurse.

Play is the way poster that is most effective

Green – Be brave, participate to progress.

Gratitude to share with the community

Kasey is very grateful for our SSOs and staff for support.

Kasey would recommend the podcast

Ted talk – Pita Pierson – every kid needs a champion.

To find out more about Kasey head to our podcast series. Kasey is podcast #9.


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