About our School


The suburb of Woodcroft was named on 21 November 1985. The name was derived from Woodcroft Farm, an important heritage feature of our area.

Woodcroft Primary School was officially opened in 1993 by the Hon Susan Lenehan, Minister of Education, Employment and Training. Our first principal was Pat Dorian.

Teaching at Woodcroft Primary School commenced in 1992, based in 3 houses, on Traegar Court, with an enrolment of 78 children in 4 classes. During 1992 and 1993 the administration building, resource centre, a shelter and the quadrangle classroom units were built. In 1994, the first transportable buildings arrived on site.
By 2013 we reached our maximum enrolment of 972 students across 35 classrooms.

In 2009 with money from the federal government, we were able to invest in a new gymnasium and upgrade the old gym to a performing arts centre.

In 2022 we had a major upgrade of our classrooms with all but 2 transportable buildings removed from the site and a new 4 classroom building was built at the back of the school.  With fundraising money we are also upgrading our internal courtyard to better suit the needs of the students.


  • 1992-1997 Pat Dorian
  • 1998- 2004 Geoff Rogers
  • 2005 – 2008 Anne Kibble
  • 2009 – 2014 Pam Kent
  • 2015 – current Kristian Mundy


The original logo of Woodcroft Primary School was the Woodcroft stables building which has since burnt down.

In 1999 it was decided to seek a new logo for the next millennium that expresses our values and uniqueness. In 2000 a new vision and logo were launched to celebrate and embrace the new millennium. Geoff Rogers and Michelle Spencer were principal and deputy principal. Our current logo was designed by a graphic artist with instructions to incorporate as many of our original values as possible into the design. Uniforms were updated to reflect the new logo. We introduced new embroidered t-shirts in 2007 and the sublimation top in 2013.

Values from 2000- 2018 were caring, cooperation, respect, responsibility and excellence. The meaning of the logo is the right arm of the child in the design is reaching for the sky signifying excellence and achievement. The left arm is a part of a sweeping curve that represents caring and respect for others and the earth.  The leaves are for our responsibility for the environment and that one day Woodcroft will actually be a beautiful wooded environment again.  The journey to get this new logo was long and involved a large number of points of view.  It was officially launched in December 2000.

Our first logo from 1992 – 2000

    Logo from 2000

      During 2018, after 18 years, our promotions and events ambassadors and core strategic staff under the leadership of Kristian Mundy and Josh Vick, undertook a whole school branding review. Our first task was to work on updating our vision statement to reflect where we are heading now. The core message is everyone is a learner and that a focus on engagement, resilience and creativity will best prepare community members to be lifelong learners and have improved wellbeing.

      From 2022-2025 staff at Woodcroft Primary School, led my Kristian Mundy, are participating in a pilot program for positive behaviour for learning (PBL). Our PBL team have create 3 new values for our journey. Be respectful, be responsibly and be your best.