To give families, students and staff a clear understanding of what is expected when attending our school.

Woodcroft Primary School is proud of its school uniform and it serves several important purposes:

  • It helps establish the school’s identity and allows students to create a sense of cohesion and pride in being part of the school community.
  • It helps identify students when they are out of school on excursion
  • Ensures the health and safety of students

This policy applies to all current students of Woodcroft Primary School. 

Policy detail

Foundation to year 7 students are expected to wear the school uniform for all school-related activities, unless otherwise specified by staff.

Woodcroft Primary School’s uniform colours are plain navy and light blue (I.e., no stripes, spots, patterns, etc).

School shirts and jumpers with the Woodcroft Primary School logo, the official sublimated t-shirt and our summer dress are all acceptable to be worn. 

The following sets out the list of acceptable clothing, headwear and footwear:


Broad brimmed, legionnaire and bucket styles are acceptable.

They should be navy or school purchase sports colours.

For safety reasons, hats purchased with cords will need the cords removed before wearing.

Hats are to be worn in terms 1, 3 and 4 in accordance with our sunsmart policy.


To be navy or light blue in colour.

Polo shirt, sublimation top, skivvies, zip-up-jumpers, hoodies, overcoats/rain protection, year 7 jumpers and windcheaters (not including SAPSASA or school sports team jumpers).

Seniors windcheaters have been designed to distinguish our year 7 students within the school and provide them with a commemorative top.

On given performing days, students that are part of the performing arts activity can wear their assigned t-shirts for the day.


To be navy blue in colour.

Cargo pants, tracksuit pants, shorts, stockings, skorts and leggings under skirts and dresses are all acceptable.


Dresses, skirts etc

School summer dress or skirt (navy only).


Students are strongly advised to wear appropriate shoes for daily physical activity. For safety reasons, no thongs, heels, slip-on sandals, canvas shoes, or wheelie/roller shoes should be worn.

Casual days

The school encourages sun smart practices be observed, eg. no singlet tops or dresses with thin straps.



Jewellery should be minimal and inconspicuous. Earrings are restricted to sleepers and studs only. Teachers may ask a child to remove any item of jewellery if they deem it a safety risk.

Make-up and nail polish should not be worn.

Students with hair below shoulder length should have it tied back for safety reasons and to help prevent head lice.

Students not wearing the correct uniform can expect to be spoken to by their teacher.

Parents of students consistently not wearing the school uniform will be contacted by their student’s teacher.


As a parent of a student at Woodcroft Primary School you have a right to request the exemption in writing for your student from our dress code.

Roles and responsibilities


Authority/responsibility for

School governing council

Determine a school dress code that complies with the requirements outlined in this procedure.


Enforce the dress code, except where students are exempt, and take appropriate disciplinary action in relation to intentional and persistent breach of that code. Determine the school’s enforcement procedures and exemption conditions. Ensure that the school dress code determined by the school or governing council complies with the requirements of this procedure


Monitor students and make first point of call discussions with parents/ carers of students that are not adhering to the policy. Liaise with leadership if students consistently don’t wear the school uniform.


To support the school’s uniform policy and their children’s sense of cohesion and pride in being part of the school community.


Adhere to and support the policy. Actively engage in the review process. Show pride in being part of the school community.


Monitoring, evaluation and review

A school or governing council can establish a formal review process for their school dress code that will provide a process for student and parent groups within the school community to seek review when circumstances change significantly or issues arise. For example, the receipt of a written request to the principal.

Site managers will provide ongoing monitoring of their site’s/service’s compliance with this policy.

Definitions and abbreviations




Multi coloured pre-printed fabric


First year of primary school


Supporting documentation

Department for Education School dress code procedure

School shirts and jumpers with the Woodcroft Primary School logo and the official summer dress can be purchased from Spartan School Supply Specialists via our link on our website.  https://spartanss.com.au/collections/woodcroft-primary-school