To give families, students and staff a clear understanding of what is expected when attending our school.

Woodcroft Primary School is proud of its school uniform and it serves several important purposes:

  • It helps establish the school’s identity and allows students to gain a sense of being part of the school community
  • It helps identify students when they are out of school on excursion
  • Ensures the health and safety of students

This policy applies to all current students of Woodcroft Primary School. 

Policy detail

Foundation to year 7 students are expected to wear the school uniform for all school-related activities, unless otherwise specified by staff.

Woodcroft Primary School’s uniform colours are plain navy and light blue (I.e., no stripes, spots, patterns, etc).

School shirts and jumpers with the Woodcroft Primary School logo and the official sublimated t-shirt, summer dress and winter pinafore are all acceptable to be worn.  


The following sets out the list of acceptable clothing, headwear and footwear:

Hats – navy only

Broad brimmed, legionnaire and bucket styles. 

For safety reasons, hats purchased with cords will need the cords removed before wearing.


Tops – navy or light blue

Polo shirt, sublimation top, skivvies, zip-up-jumpers, hoodies, overcoats/rain protection, year 7 jumpers and windcheaters (not including SAPSAPSA or school sports team jumpers).

Seniors windcheaters have been designed to distinguish our year 7 students within the school and provide them with a commemorative top.

 Any commercial logos to be no bigger than the size of a matchbox


Pants – navy only

Cargo pants, track suit pants, shorts, stockings, skorts and leggings under skirts and dresses.


Dresses, skirts etc

 School summer dress and winter pinafore and skirt – navy only



Students are strongly advised to wear appropriate shoes for daily physical activity. For safety reasons, no thongs, heels, slip-on canvas shoes, or wheelie/roller shoes should be worn.


Casual days

The school encourages sun smart practices be observed, eg. no singlet tops or dresses with thin straps.



Hijabs are to be navy blue and must be plain without logos or decorations.

Jewellery should be minimal and inconspicuous. Earrings are restricted to sleepers and studs only. Teachers may ask a child to remove any item of jewellery if they deem it a safety risk.

Make-up should not be worn.

Students not wearing the correct uniform can expect to be spoken to by their teacher. Parents of students consistently not wearing the school uniform will be contacted by the leadership team.

Roles and responsibilities


Authority/responsibility for


Insuring all families, students and staff have a


Monitor consistently

Monitoring, evaluation and review

This policy will be reviewed every three years (in accordance with the DECD Policy Framework) or earlier if required by legislative or organisational imperatives.

Site Managers will provide ongoing monitoring of their site’s/service’s compliance with this policy.

Definitions and abbreviations




Multi coloured pre-printed fabric


First year of primary school



Supporting documentation

School shirts and jumpers with the Woodcroft Primary School logo and the official summer dress and winter pinafore can be purchased from Devon Clothing, 84 Daws Road, Edwardstown, 8350 7900, www.devonclothing.com.au

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