Term dates and school times

Term dates

Please note all foundation students start on the Wednesday of the first week of term 1 each year.

Date Event Details
7th April Good Friday
8th April Easter Saturday
10th April Easter Monday
14th April Term 1 Ends
25th April Anzac Day
1st May Term 2 Start
12th June King’s Birthday
7th July Term 2 Ends
24th July Term 3 Start
29th September Term 3 Ends
2nd October Labour Day
16th October Term 4 Start
15th December Term 4 Ends
25th December Christmas Day
26th December Boxing Day


School times

First Teaching Session 9:00 am  – 11:10 am
First Break 11:10 am  –  11:40 am
Second Teaching Session 11:40 am – 1:20 pm
Second Break  1:20 – 1.40 pm
Third Teaching Session  1.40 pm – 3:20 pm*

* On Wednesdays, the dismissal time is 2.30pm


Hours of supervision

Hours of supervision are provided by teaching staff from: 8.30am – 3.35pm except on Wednesdays when it is 8.30am to 2.50 pm.  After 3.40pm there are no teachers on duty. All children not collected by 3.40pm will be directed to the office to await collection. Students may be sent to out of school care where a fee will be charged if there is prolong or repeated occasions of students not being collected.  If you are running late for the start of the day or pick up please inform the school. 0428937348 is a text only number available for late arrival or non-attendance notification. Please list student’s name, room number and reason for absence.