Sarah Huxtable

2020 assistant principal for student support  

Sarah has taught for 14 year at 3 different schools across 7 classrooms. She has worked in leadership for 9 years. She has taught from foundation to year7. It is estimated that Sarah has taught approximately 2400 students in this time.

Woodcroft Primary School

Sarah has been at Woodcroft Primary School for 1 year and 1 term.

What Sarah would be if she wasn’t a teacher

If Sarah wasn’t a teacher she would be a Playschool presenter.

Play is the way poster that is most effective

Blue – Have reasons for the things you say and do.

Gratitude to share with the community

Sarah is very grateful for our student’s bravery and kindness.

Sarah would recommend the podcast

Books – The Red Beast by K.I. Al-Ghani and Haitham Al-Ghani and In my Heart by Jo Witek and Christine Roussey

To find out more about Sarah head to our podcast series. Sarah is podcast #8.


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