Starring Jayne Ralph


2020 foundation teacher

Jayne has taught for 10 years at 4 different schools across a lot of different classrooms and all 8 primary year levels. It is estimated that Jayne has taught 1500 students in this time.

Woodcroft Primary School

Jayne has been at Woodcroft Primary School for 5 years.

What you may not know about Jayne

Jayne competed in calisthenics as a child and won a graceful girl competition.

What Jayne would be if she wasn’t a teacher

If Jayne wasn’t a teacher she would have been a doctor even though she doesn’t like the sight of blood.

Play is the way poster that is most effective

Blue – have reasons for the things you say and do.

Gratitude to share with the community

Jayne would like to share gratitude with all the support staff that she has worked with at Woodcroft Primary School.

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