2020 Promotions ambassadors


Our ambassadors this year have all been year 5 students, they are from 4 different classes across the school.


Interviewing Mr Persse, Mr Mundy and Mr Best.

What we can’t wait for

The school band taking off with Beatz Neatz, Mrs Molloy and Mr Mundy.

Top names for Mr Best’s baby

Emerald, Mitch, William, Michael Junior, Tom, or Aliyah

Gratitude to share with the community

Volunteers, teachers, staff and the whole community for support us during the year.

Recommend books and podcast

Weirdo books, Magic Faraway Tree series, Nevermore series, Life in the Solar Season, The Tree House, BFG
Our podcast!


To find out more about our ambassadors head to our podcast series. This is podcast #33.


Music is royalty free ‘Hey’ from https://www.bensound.com/

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