Sonia Molloy


2020 foundation teacher

Sonia has taught for 40 year at 7 different schools across 10 classrooms. She has taught from foundation to year 3. It is estimated that Sonia has taught approximately 1200 students in this time.

Woodcroft Primary School

Sonia has been at Woodcroft Primary School for 18 years.

What Lisa would be if she wasn’t a teacher

If Sonia wasn’t a teacher, she would like have been an air hostess or a backup singer and dancer

Play is the way poster that is most effective

Green – Be brave, participate to progress

Gratitude to share with the community

Sonia is very keen to show gratitude to our whole community for support during the COVID restrictions

Sonia would recommend the podcast

Every kid needs a champion by Rita Pierson

To find out more about Sonia head to our podcast series. Sonia is podcast #28.


Music is royalty free ‘Hey’ from https://www.bensound.com/

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