Tel 08 8322 2784 - Contact

Family: Absentee Hotline

SMS: 0476 857 229

We ask that if your child will not be attending school for any reason please call the school on 08 8322 2784 by 9.15am on that day (or before if a planned absence) or SMS 0476 857 229. This number receives texts only. You cannot call the SMS number.

Text the following information: Child's name, Room Number, Reason for absence.

If your child arrives late (any time after 9.00am) please come via the Front Office to inform us that your child is now at school.

To improve our attendance procedures, we will be informing parents/caregivers about any unexplained absences for their child. The school expects parents/caregiver to contact the school in advance if they know their child is to be absent.

If you have not informed the school that your child will be absent for the day you will receive a text message asking for a reason for their absence.

If your child will be away for a week or more (ie holiday during term time) please fill out an exemption form available from the front office or school's website.